Scenic Fort De Soto

Since I had folks in visiting from out of town this weekend, I figured I’d take them down to scenic Fort De Soto park, an old Civil War fort full of history and great photo ops. I forgot my camera, so I snapped this with my phone:

Fort De Soto

What the–!? Son of a bitch!

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  • Wow, your phone takes a great picture! Just one thing–Fort De Soto did not exist during the Civil War, although there are sometimes Civil War reenactments taking place in the park. The fort was constructed around the time of the Spanish American War. Ironically, it was not completed until after that war was over.

    So the fort is over 100 years old, and for some time has been in need of the repairs shown in your picture. I believe the problem is primarily one of water damage due to inadequate drainage. It’s the kind of damage that is cumulative, year after year, and would eventually destroy the fort, so it had to be done. The repair work should be finished in March 2011.

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