It’s Beginning to Suck a Lot Like Christmas

Last year I posted this miniature rant about how I ended up spending an entire day trimming my fake Christmas tree.

This year I spent a comparable amount of time just working on the top of the tree. Peanut picked out this new star, but the lights inside were an ugly yellowish-white. To replace them, she bought a short battery-operated strand of blue LEDs to match the blue snowflakes that comprise the rest of the lights on the tree. So here’s me tonight, painstakingly threading this strand of lights through the little hoops inside the star, over and over again… carefully squeezing each light through each hoop, making sure the entire thing receives an approximately equal amount of light.

The end product should be rather charming, but the work is pretty much the opposite of fun. I’m totally counting this tedium as one of her presents.

An hour later…

Well, what do you guys think. Success?

Blue tree!

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