My body has this alarming ability to go from zero to sick in about eight seconds. Last night I was sitting at work and feeling pretty good about life, then in the span of a single cough I immediately began to yearn for the merciful release of death. Waking up today (at around 6pm) was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my entire life.

I made Peanut fix me some soup, which I chased with a double-shot of DayQuil. Now I’m munching on some Saltines and am feeling pretty okay. I know, though, that it’ll be a full three days or so before this nonsense finally gets clear of my system. I think instead of updating my blog this evening I’ll just take a nice shower and then play some Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Hopefully nobody will begrudge me that, yes?

1 comment to Siiiiick.

  • Metal Man Master

    Oh, I know that feeling. It’s definitely sickness season. I’ve been going on and off feeling stuffy, or having the tingling pain of allergies, or both. -_-;

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