Let’s play pea green Bionic Commando!

Another Let’s Play in the can. This one is for the original Game Boy version of Bionic Commando. That I was able to find a Game Boy emulator that actually plays in pea green rather than boring ol’ black and white makes me ridiculously happy.

The game is played at regular speed and has live commentary. The whole series is just over two hours long.

If you prefer to watch it from the safety and comfort of YouTube, go crazy.

This series is an example of something I swore I would never again do: it’s an LP of a game I wasn’t familiar with. In fact I had never played it at all. However, I had been assured that the game was so similar to the original NES version as to make no difference, and I figured if I was having way too much trouble with it I could always just pull the plug and never show anyone.

The game is similar to the NES version, but only mechanically. After the first few levels it veers off the beaten path and really becomes its own game. Some of the new stuff succeeds (like the all-new levels in the second half) and some utterly fails (like all the boring NPCs they tried to integrate in the story) but all in all I have to say I really enjoyed the time I spent with it.

I want to do the Game Boy Color sequel at some point, and if I ever get a decent capture card, maybe the Xbox remake. Man I love me some Bionic Commando.

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