Campaign Stickers

I can think lots of  good reasons to not put a campaign sticker on your bumper during election season. Here are the two biggies, though, both related to how difficult it is to get a bumper sticker off your car once it’s been applied:

  1. If your guy loses, you’re stuck with his sticker on your bumper. This makes you look like a loser, because you backed the wrong guy. It also makes you look like a zealot, because you’re still supporting a candidate who, barring use of a time machine, can no longer win.
  2. If your guy wins, you look like a snob who is driving it around rubbing it in. It also makes you look ignorant, because now that your guy has won you should be supporting him in his office rather than in his campaign. I mean, what are you? One of those people who is only involved in politics on election day, and then ignores it the rest of the time?

Today I found someone who strikes both points:

'04 and '08 elections forever! Yay!(Click for make bigger.)

At least he made the cursory attempt to remove that John Kerry sticker from his bumper after his man lost. He didn’t have the foresight to put his Obama/Biden sticker overtop of it, though. What, is he proud of his residue?

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  • Meditative_Zebra

    As with any bumper sticker, you should get a magnetic strip, put the sticker on that, and then put it on your car. Presto, easily removable bumper sticker!

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