The most amazing scream ever.

Warning: Lost spoilers ahead!

Of course, the guy I was putting those spoiler tags in for has gone on and finished watching the series without me, leaving me a cold, naked husk stranded back at the beginning of season five. Thanks a lot, you horrible monster!

I’m convinced that, during the casting for this program, the actress who plays Sun (whose name I am too lazy to look up) was picked primarily based on her ability to issue a bloodcurdling scream that shatters bones and destroys the will to live of all who hear it. Imagine that audition: just you and a room full of Asian women, all trying to out-scream one another. But one scream, oh yes, one scream stands above all the rest. It is the scream to end all screams. It is a scream of such unimaginable anguish and devastation that the other prospective Suns actually disintegrate.

So you cast her, and she asks, “Why do I need to scream like that?”

You respond, “We’ll tell you in four years.”

Really, all I can say on this subject is that Jin had better stay dead. I don’t want the most amazing scream in television history to be all for nothing. Eko and Charlie seem to have done a pretty good job staying dead, give or take a chess game with Hurley, so I feel pretty good about going forward.

The most interesting thing to me during the press conference with the Oceanic Six was which three fellow castaways Jack chose to have supposedly survived the plane crash with them: Boone (who died in season one), Libby (who died in season two) and Charlie (who died in season three). We agreed he should have name-dropped Nikki and Paolo too, just for lulz.

I already know the broad strokes of the plot of season five, but that doesn’t mean I’m not grinding my teeth waiting to get back into it. How did you people fill the seven days between new episodes, let alone the months between new seasons? You must have the willpower and patience of gods.

Regarding the final shot of the final episode of season four: “Wait a minute…! That’s not Jeremy Bentham! That’s not Jeremy Bentham at all!

“That is clearly Kevin Johnson!”

6 comments to The most amazing scream ever.

  • TalentNinjaInc.

    Imagine the fact of waiting weeks for a new episode. Now imagine never having lost ever because it’s over. *sniff*

  • Issun

    The EPs had secret names for the “big twist” at the end of each season finale. Season One was “The Bagel”, Two was “The Challah”, Three was “The Snake in the Mailbox”. When we all saw that Four’s twist was called “Frozen Donkey Wheel”, we laughed. Yeah, we all thought they’d just come up with the craziest name they could come up with to throw everyone off. Hah.

  • Lys

    Sun’s scream still gives me chills, even thinking about it years later. I also love Ben’s response to ‘Don’t you know what you’ve done? You’ve killed all those people!’


    Seasons Four and Five really are pretty excellent, and I’m hoping that though you know the broad strokes you don’t know too many specifics. There’s a lot to discuss once you make it through, and not before! And how about that Frozen Donkey Wheel, huh? Who knew they were being literal! ^_^

    • Brickroad

      Actually, Ben’s response was “So?” I said it out loud at the same time as he did.

      Ben is my favorite character. He and I think so much alike.

  • Lys

    That’s even better!

    He’s so amazing. He makes me want to watch those seasons again. ^_^

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