I own this game and I still don’t know what it’s called.

Yesterday I came into possession of the sequel to Dissidia: Final Fantasy. I haven’t played it yet; going to binge on Breath of Fire III tonight instead, thereby freeing up my PSP for colorfully stupid fanservice times. That means another couple hours of steamrolling Station Myria and spamming Rei’s Weretiger attack, and probably a big googly-eyed wrap-up post about how great this game is and how much fun I had re-playing it.

In the meantime though, my question is this: what is the title of the new Dissidia game? I mean, what is it actually called? I look at the box, and it seems to possess a collection of title-like components: “Dissidia”, “Final Fantasy” “012”, “Duodecim”. Or is it “[duodecim]”? Do you have to pronounce the brackets?

I’m just not sure how it all fits together. Is it “Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy”? Or “Final Fantasy: Dissidia 012 [duodecim]”? Or something else entirely? Do you pronounce “012” like “twelve”, or “oh-one-two”?

Can I just call it Dissidia 2? I think I’ll just do that.

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