Three Extremely Related Things

These three things are so related they will blow your socks off. If you’re not wearing socks, please put some on.

Related Thing the First:
Did you know some Dissidia characters have Bravery attacks that lead directly into HP attacks? Because I sure didn’t! Both Cloud and Terra managed to learn one of these during my playtime last night, and suddenly neither of those characters suck anymore. Of course, you have to play for like forty levels before they get these wonderful new attacks, which is one of Dissidia‘s greatest weaknesses: you can never know whether a character is good or not without sinking hours into playing them. It’s definitely a far cry from Street Fighter or Smash Bros. where two minutes will tell you whether you click with a fighter’s style or not.

Related Thing the Second:
We’re getting DragonForce tomorrow in Rock Band. I once tried to play Through the Fire and the Flames at a friend’s house in Guitar Hero III and my fingers actually detached from my body in protest. Most of them are leading successful lives now in other parts of the country, although one of the thumbs owns his own trucking company and the left pinky ended up as a meth addict. Anyway! DragonForce. Yeah. I’m buying these songs because I don’t think I hate myself enough.

Related Thing the Third:
People are complaining that I haven’t uploaded any YouTube videos in like a week. I have yet to render the next batch. Before I can render the videos I have to actually watch them first, to make sure they’re not corrupted and to bleep out any naughty words I may have forgotten about. This is also when I pick a couple highlights from the video to put in the “Wherein…” section of the description. In any case, watching my own videos is pretty boring and I just haven’t felt like doing it recently. There’s only a few hours’ worth of footage left between my two current LPs though, so I’ll try and suffer through them on Thursday for your amusement.

8 comments to Three Extremely Related Things

  • Bravery -> HP Attack is my favourite thing about Onion Kid. I just love being able to do multi-slash into another slash to build up Bravery, then do multi-slash into one of his HP attacks for damage.

  • Issun

    I think the sarcasm in my TT post should speak enough about how much I and other sane people should expect you to entertain us for free. Seriously, take your time. To watch more Lost.

  • Kadj

    Man, those were pretty related! They all share the underlying subject “video games.” I am a disappointment, Brickroad! (Wait, what did I just say?)

  • Rosencrantz

    The “Bravery –> HP attacks” thing is pretty much Tidus’s whole schtick, along with being really fast and super evasive, so he was by far my favorite character in the original Dissidia. I actually started with him as well, so it was really hard for me to adjust to the other characters and their comparibly slower speed.

  • Lys

    I feel really behind, considering that I’ve just started getting into the original Dissidia. I didn’t expect Fan Service: The Game to be so good!

  • ShifterChaos

    Its ok, we understand you are busy with other things, don’t worry about not uploading. You have important things to do, like watching Lost and Survivor, sinking 40 hours into every character in Dissidia, and catching up with what your fingers are doing, not to mention the killer game of Mafia and the whole “Blog” thing. You are a busy man, Brick, and we can understand that you have your priorities.

  • Alrenous

    I’ma have trouble making this not sound sarcastic. I was annoyed your youtube wasn’t updating, and now I’m not.

    Intellectually, I thought ‘I don’t feel like it’ should be a valid excuse. So…good work Brick, cuz now I know I actually, emotionally accept ‘don’t feel like it’ as an excuse. Consistency is neat. Take as long as you like.

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