I wonder…

…can I update this space from my phone?

I can! Success! Although the process isn’t exactly pretty. Watch for this spot to transform into some nonsense about Final Fantasy remakes just as soon as I get to the office and finish typing it up.

For now though? pork chops.

The next morning…

You know what my phone can’t do, though? Cut and paste text, apparently! The only thing in the world I wanted to do last night was copy the body of an e-mail and paste it here onto my website, but apparently the Android Gmail app doesn’t allow those kinds of shenanigans.

I browsed through the marketplace for a while and found a few apps that promised to let me cut and paste several pages of text — for $6.99. I decided I wasn’t going to pay seven dollars for something that should just be basic functionality.

Then I tried to publish the second half of this post, and my internet died, so now I’m back on the phone, typing with my thumbs like a schmuck. If this doesn’t work I think I’ll just go play in traffic.

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