Sony finally got their act together and re-launched PSN, so I was able to log in and push the magic button I needed to push in order to gain access to Portal 2 on my PC. That’s good! Now I just need to figure out which of the dozen or so PS3 refugees I’m going to do the co-op levels with.

Rather than face that crippling indecision today, I played Final Fantasy XII. I am consistently amazed by how much I like the cast in this game; among the six main heroes there is not a weak link or a bad egg. The cast carries itself with a surprising amount of dignity considering some of them are wearing pink rubber panties or metal thongs. Right now I”m at the part in the plot where I’m going to ignore the plot for ten hours and collect a bunch of game-breakingly good gear. Basch is 60 LP away from equipping his Nihopalaoa and punking every boss between me and my Zodiac Spear by slinging Remedies at it.  After that I’m not sure what I’ll do. With a Zodiac Spear equipped, maybe Vaan can hack his way off the game disc and into the PS3’s wireless card, and they’ll have to take PSN back down again.

(Nihopalaoa is an accessory that causes the effects of any items the wearer uses to be reversed. Since a Remedy usually restores every status ailment, a Nihopalaoa-ized Remedy will cause every status ailment instead. This makes a lot of bosses and marks about as difficult as a declawed kitten.)

(And yes, “Nihopalaoa” is one of the hardest to type words I think I’ve ever encountered.)

5 comments to Nihopalaoa

  • Issun

    Hey ass bag, cut the shit and watch some Survivor!

  • Lys

    That item, you know, the one you’ve been copy/pasting since the first time you typed it in? That’s another one of those things that you mention from time to time that makes FF12 sound amazing to me. I guess I didn’t suffer long enough to find it. Nothing I found was that interesting: I was busy getting hit with poisons for which I didn’t have the right cure item.

    • Brickroad

      You cure Poison with Antidote. Eventually there’s stuff like Sap/Virus/Disease etc., but by that time you know Esuna. This is pretty standard FF stuff, really!

  • Lys

    I think Virus is the one that did me in, and either Esuna didn’t cure it or I didn’t have Esuna for some reason. And that was thirty hours in!

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