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Peanut and I got married! That’s pretty weird.

Outside of that, I think you and I are just going to have to write June ’11 off, dear reader. Planning and executing a wedding is stressful and time-consuming enough when it’s within driving distance, let alone five states away. However, we managed to pull the whole thing off more or less without a hitch, which is like, thank god. I freakin’ hate hitches.

And hey, I got a pretty swank new white fedora in the bargain. I mean, that’s why I agreed to the thing in the first place.

So, back to daily updates. Did I tell you guys I finished watching Lost? I have a big long screed half-typed on my office PC about it! You’ll get to see that next week. And I played a bunch of cool games since last time we talked! And I’m thinking about maybe recording a new YouTube series tonight. Also, unicorns!

Maybe not unicorns.

And, well, maybe not daily. While I’ve been pretty good at doing “daily” updates the past year or so, this was never supposed to be a daily blog. I originally faked it by updating five days a week, then doing reruns of old websites on weekends. I don’t have any more old stuff to run, unfortunately, but I think I’m going to go back to taking weekends off anyway. My weekends are different from yours, though; Thursday and Friday. So there won’t be anything tomorrow, or the day after, but I’ll be back here to rock your world on Saturday.

It’s good to be back, internet!

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