To Transfer Or…

Having come into possession of a 3DS, I know it’s wrong to transfer my DSi games over on to it. I know it in my bones. The DSi has a bigger screen, the better to see Shantae‘s ridiculously pretty sprite art. It’s the better system to leave in my desk at work, since Peanut won’t ever pre-empt it to play Nintendogs. Shantae doesn’t use the 3D display anyway, and if it did, I’d probably just keep it turned off because it makes ever game I’ve tried look like a blurry mess. Heck, the DSi is more comfortable to hold.

I know all these things. Transferring would be dumb. And yet, presently, there is nothing on Earth I desire more.

Curse my irrational monkey brain!

5 comments to To Transfer Or…

  • SpoonyBard

    WayForward wants to put the original Shantae on the 3DS Virtual Console.

    If they do it, and you transfer then that’s ALL THE SHANTAE EVER on one system.

    Just sayin’

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah… That game did come out… I’ve been meanin to go look up the original on YouTube… See what they hype is all about… Meh, I’ll get to that some time…

    Barracuda Joe…

    Almost pulled that act off

  • Nich

    If only you could transfar it.

  • I had the same problem when the eShop update launched. My solution was to buy slew of new DSiWare and Virtual Console games to fill the 3DS memory void. It’s not great that I have to remember which games are on which system, but on the other hand I probably never would have played Escape Trick otherwise.

  • Metal Man Master

    Don’t forget that shorter battery life’s another factor to consider with the 3DS transfer, and the much higher resolution of its smaller screens can be a disadvantage in their own way. You’re looking at either big and blurry or pixel perfect but tiny with DSiWare on 3DS.

    Actually the whole battery life deal is part of why I wish Game Boy Virtual Console wasn’t an exclusive for it. The other part’s not owning a 3DS and being green with envy because GBVC was something I wanted since hearing of DSiWare.

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