Let’s play Mega Man Powered Up — Complete

This was a fun series! It’s ten minutes shy of three hours, and contains four videos over twenty minutes in length. It has very roughly equal parts “Wow, Brick is good at this!” and “Wow, Brick is a gibbering monkey-man who is probably holding the controller upside-down!” Both of these things seem to entertain people, so more’s the better.

I forced myself to learn something about deinterlacing when I rendered these videos. I think anyone would agree that the video quality of the last few is way better than that of the first few. This bodes well, because both my Symphony of the Night and Subspace Emissary series were really, really bad.

Anyway, enjoy!

5 comments to Let’s play Mega Man Powered Up — Complete

  • Kadj

    …This entry is such a cop-out. 😐 When did you decide to post video updates when starting AND finishing a series?

    I’m curious about what fixes you made to improve the deinterlacing issue – deinterlacing is pretty much my greatest point of weakness when putting videos together.

  • ShifterChaos

    I enjoyed this series very much… but I am a tad burnt out on mega man… or action games in general… could we maybe see another puzzle, or rpg game… dredmor sounds fun!
    ps. I also loved your subspace and symphony videos… and didn’t think they looked all that bad. Don’t beat yourself up!

  • Lys

    Dungeons of Dredmor is indeed quite awesome and I can vouch for it, but I will never get sick of Mega Man videos. Brickroad flawlessly defeating Ring Man is one of those gaming moments that still amazes me to this day.

  • it is an okay games you can play it

  • it is an okay game you can play it

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