Define “optimism”

My Dad had an Amiga when I was a kid, and I was feeling a little nostalgic for it today, so I went trolling around some emulator forums and scrounged up some of the old good games. This was back in the age of shareware, and I admit I chuckled a bit when I came across this little note tucked away in the Info screen for Scorched Tanks:

Wishful thinking? Blind optimism? Perhaps just a mark of simpler times? It seems strange to think of a world where “idealists” can successfully carry a computer format. Alas, if only the Amiga faithful had had a few stone-hearted capitalists in their ranks!

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  • ShifterChaos

    In the world of computer programming, it takes equal parts optimism and ignorance to get anything done. I see that this stood true way back when… in computer time, that is.

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