Let’s play Ragnarland Fun Adventure!

By the time the night is out, that playlist should contain the full set of DW4 Chapter One videos. It’s about an hour and it’s mostly text crawling across a black screen. Enjoy!

The reason I uploaded this set at all was to showcase how badly RPGs adapted to the video LP format, but my plan seems to have backfired. While there are a few voices of reason in the mix, the prevailing opinion seems to be MOAR DW4. Clearly these people do not know what’s good for them.

(And don’t worry; I’m not going to oblige them.)

4 comments to Let’s play Ragnarland Fun Adventure!

  • EtherealMoon

    I don’t watch LPs for the story at all. If walls of text appear, they’re either skipped or ignored by the host or, worst-case scenario, loathingly spoken out.

    Video games are an interactive medium; there’s no point in going into an LP of a story-driven game unless you’ve already experienced it yourself, otherwise you’re just butchering all emotional attachment you would gain by playing it. There are a few exceptions, but they’re mostly short little indie games like Don’t Look Back that you could sum up in a sentence.

  • Kadj

    The commentary was great as always. The problem, though, is that the visuals are boring. If editing is not applied, you’re likely to see 70% battle screen and 30% the three steps in between battle screens.

    I think you’re certainly capable of having solid commentary for 50 installments about this game… But let’s face it, the gameplay isn’t interesting, and doesn’t really reflect much skill in the LPer at all. So make vlogs again instead! 😀

  • ShifterChaos

    I promise to watch this LP AFTER hcBailly follows through on his lp… other then that, i hope you don’t have an aneurism after playing this!

  • Rosewood

    You and Kadj are right, Brick. The commentary was fun to listen to; the actual GAME part wasn’t particularly fun to watch. If you scrolled through the plot text a little more slowly, that might have helped, but that doesn’t eliminate the bland junk battles and the backtracking. I guess screen shot-type LPs are the way to go with a game like this, because you can excise the dreary bits.

    I’ve watched Fire Emblem stream, which was massive, but it was still really involving. Maybe it’s because the player was good, and didn’t have to repeat too many battles, or because each battle was unique. I doubt I’d sit through that much playtime on YouTube, though.

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