My head is empty

Usually when I sit down to do one of these last-minute posts, I can come up with at least a quick-shot review of a movie I’ve seen recently, or a couple unrelated things to share, or something from my camera phone that I thought was amusing.

(I did finally get to Kings on my Netflix queue, but I think I have more to say about it than a couple simple paragraphs.)

Tonight is an absolute bust, though, so I’m just going to throw two amusing website links at you and then very quickly run the other direction. See, I don’t have to outrun the jackal — I just have to outrun you.

Two amusing website links:

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  • Craze

    Let’s fill this post with something that just happened near me: my step-brother is swearing because he left his $200 jeans at his ex-girlfriend’s apartment and is now on the opposite coast. Cue everybody else laughing at him!

    Also, I have been hiccuping for a while now. Everybody in my family has different suggestions for how to stop them. I am afraid of each idea.

    How fascinating; I should start my own blog.

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