Three Unrelated-Except-They-Are-All-About-Video-Games Things

Vidjagame Thing the First: You may or may not be interested in the new Let’s Play series: Chocobo Racing. (But if you’re not interested, it’s probably because you hate fun.)

Vidjagame Thing the Second: I want a version of Happy Wheels that isn’t so overrun with 13-year-olds executing basement torture fantasies. The cheap thrill of the game is very appealing, so the acres of user-created levels with names like “YOU WILL NOT BEAT THIS” and “LOLOL MURDER U PLZ RATE 5” are fine for a while, but there is a deeper sort of enjoyment to be had here, if only someone would seize it. Jesus, I am complaining about the level of depth in Happy Wheels. New low, man.

Vidjagame Thing the Third: I’m back on an all-Minecraft, all-the-time kick. 1.8 added a bunch of new features, and I’ve been taking this time getting used to things like the hunger meter and chargeable bow attacks. I think my favorite aspect of 1.8 is the more varied level generation, though. Feast your eyes on this:

That enormous dark cliff face and mountaintop lake would be the perfect setting for a home base, if I hadn’t discovered them on our soon-to-be-wiped SMP server. D’oh.

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