Legacy of the Wizard: The Route

Warning! This post won’t make any sense if you don’t know Legacy of the Wizard by heart. Which means, like, 99.9% of you. Maybe bookmark the page, revisit it after I’ve recorded and upload the LP, and then it will make sense to you? I dunno. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I got a few interesting suggestions on how to solve my route-planning problem in Legacy of the Wizard. “Off-screen the Mattock” was one, indicating I should collect the Mattock first and then start recording the LP, so as not to show Xemn’s section twice. Or use a cheat code to start with a Mattock already in my inventory. Or just to record the boring backtrack-y segments of the game; after all, that’s really the heart and soul of the Legacy experience!

In the end I decided to just play the game in segments. I don’t often throw out segments of LPs while I’m recording, although I have done it, if I happened to play particularly poorly or if the commentary came out really boring. (Sometimes my poor play is entertaining, and I like to leave those segments in. But sometimes bad play is just bad play. You don’t want to know how much of Mega Man X4 I left in the cutting room.)

Here’s the Legacy segments I settled on, and reasons why those segments might fail:

1) Pochi. Collect the Glove and the Crystal, but ignore the early Money Bag. That’s pretty much all Pochi can do, but I don’t have any reason to use him later, so I might as well show him off now. Short video; I’ll fill it out a bit by introducing the game and talking a bit about my history with it.

2) Xemn, with the Glove. Collect the Crossbow, Twenty Keys, and Star Shoes. Hit an Inn and equip the Star Shoes; this will allow Xemn stockpile some gold. Collect Magic Potion (which I will never need) and Mattock. Defeat Tarantunes. This fight is a bit of a crapshoot at 150% speed, but I can win it most of the time. It will be frustrating if I have to pitch a Xemn segment, but better than making a viewer sit through most of it twice. I also want to finish this segment with more gold than not, but I doubt I’ll throw a segment away if the drops don’t happen for me.

3) Lyll, with the Mattock and Star Shoes. Shopping spree! First, head down into Meyna’s area and get the Key Stick. (Meyna can get this herself later, but it’s easier with the Mattock, and anyway the brief detour is a good opportunity to rack up some more gold.) On the way out, buy the Shield. This segment is a bust if Lyll leaves Meyna’s area before earning 95 gold. Next, collect the Money Bag near the entrance, and return to the house.

4) Lyll again! Take the Mattock and Star Shoes. Head into her dungeon, pick up the Wings, Flower Rod (useless) and Elixir (also useless). Then head for the shop containing the Burger Boots. (We thought they looked like a hamburger, as kids. They don’t, really, but it’s still a neat gag.) I need 80 gold by the time I get there or the segment is junked. Hit an Inn, equip the Burger Boots, and head for the Crown. At the Inn just before the Crown, swap the Star Shoes out for the Shield, and defeat Erebone. He’s easier than Tarantunes, but the fight is still losable at 150% speed. I predict I’ll fail this segment a couple times before I get it right.

Lyll is split into two segments because both rely on lucky gold drops. That’s a lot of luck-based play that would have to get thrown out if the Erebone fight doesn’t go my way, or if everyone decides to be carrying poison instead of gold.

5) Meyna. Take the Wings, Crossbow and Key Stick and complete her dungeon. Pretty straightforward, although hers is the most difficult dungeon, so I might lose a run legitimately if the monsters overwhelm me. Meyna needs a lot of Inns, so poor gold drops are a worry. She needs to collect the Armor and then defeat Archwinger. There’s an exploitable safe spot in the Archwinger fight, so success is a lock if I get that far; just need to swap out the Crossbow for the Shield at the last Inn.

6) Xemn, with the Armor and Shield. All he needs to do is get to the Crown in Pochi’s area and defeat Rockgaea. The Rockgaea fight has a safe spot, so that’s no worry, but there’s an indestructable Mimic sitting in the way. Pochi can get past this Mimic, but he can’t kill Rockgaea, so that’s out. Xemn can kill the Mimic if he’s wearing the Armor and touching exactly the right pixel. The whole segment hinges on that one moment. There’s a Power Knuckle here, but it’s useless, and Xemn needs a whole lot of Life to collect it, so it might just get skipped.

7) Roas, with a Crown, the Burger Boots and Crystal. Collect the Dragonslayer, Crystal home, then defeat Keela. This is going to be infuriating, because Roas sucks and the Keela fight is so long. (There’s a quick kill method, but it’s unreliable even at regular speed.)

That should be it. Maybe I’ll save my failures and make a hilarious blooper reel.

If you think you know a better route, I’m all ears, although keep in mind neither Lyll nor Pochi can kill Archwinger or Rockgaea from the respective safe spots. (Lyll doesn’t have enough Magic; Pochi doesn’t have enough Distance.) I do not know whether or not Xemn can kill Archwinger, but I also don’t know why he would need to.

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