Let’s race some chocobos!

Ten videos, plus a gag video at the beginning and a bonus video at the end. Everything clocks in at just under two hours.

This LP was noteworthy in that I had to do some pretty miraculous savegame shuffling in order to create the desired effect. Squall only challenges you on your second play through story mode, and each of the other secret characters is unlocked on subsequent plays. To finish the LP I needed one save which had completed story mode once, and one which had completed it ten times. I had the latter, of course, but not the former.

And in setting up the former, I overwrote the latter. Like a boss.

Fortunately I was able to download a full clear save in the desired PS3 format, and saved myself the hassle of spending a Saturday replaying the whole game. Chocobo Racing is fun, but it’s not “play it ten times in a row” fun. What a fascinating modern world we live in!

It’s also noteworthy because this is the first series I recorded on my capture card that didn’t come out looking like ass. Do I finally have the thirteen million settings and filters and sliders perfectly aligned for optimal game recording goodness? I hope so, because I wrote them down so I can use them again next time!


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