Let’s Play Revengers of Vengeance!

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  • I really enjoyed this LP even if you didn’t, I think the concept for the game was good but the implementation sucked. Blame AZY.

    If you wanted to see the final bosses in action, I made a follow up to my follow up. In 4/3 I fight the bosses (all thanks to RPGamer and SovanJedi).

  • I watched most of this in horror. The only conclusion I can make is that the person who wanted you to play this hates you.

    It is quite astounding how nothing in this game quite works.

  • LouisCyphre

    So this is basically the shittiest possible imagining of Dissidia? With a VASTLY superior title, of course.

  • DFalcon

    The best part of that is that now I know where the Kinetic Cipher title theme came from, apparently. I don’t know how you managed to hang on for more than one video.

  • TalentNinjaInc

    I’m a ‘member’ or whatever for the Nintendo 3DS. Meaning they tricked me into buying BEFORE the price drop. So the gave me a ton of free games.

    One of those games was Metroid Fusion. Knowing how fond brick was of Metroid, I decided to give it a try. Recently I remembered how much brickroad HATED Metroid Fusion.

    So question, Mr. Brick, whats so bad about it? I’ve played only an hour or so into it, but i think it has been excellent.

  • The problem with Metroid Fusion is the linearity and that you’re always told where to go.
    The only choice you really have is whether you get 1 particular upgrade.
    Also the 1 time you can sequence break the game locks the door, preventing you.

  • TalentNinjaInc

    Linearity isn’t always bad in a game. I get that brick loves Super Metroid for it’s free exploration feel, but in some ways, it tells you where to go as well.

  • A guy coming on to tell the ninja guy why metroid fusion is bad

    Super Metroid HINTED at where you were supposed to go, in a genius intuitive way. You would take the obvious path, find out it’s a dead end, and find that to proceed you had to find a different way, which resulted in some fantastic exploration and one of the most obvious yet evasive puzzles ever (bombing the pipe. Metroid Fusion would say “Oh, you were probably thinking of going there, but you can’t, go this way instead.” and it was ridiculously constrained. There were points where you could sequence break to get, say, an early missile pack; but you would get that literally two minutes later. When you play Metroid you want to feel like you’re getting away with something. Getting a small reward through meager skill only to be able to get it seconds later is NOT getting away with something, nor does it feel like it. On a side note, you CAN wall jump (though the game never teaches you how), but it’s programmed to send you horizontally so far that there is no vertical gain if you only have one wall to jump on. Most of the things that carry over from Super Metroid into fusion (etecoons and dachoras, nerfed wall jumping, even METROIDS!) seem like little side add-ins put in near the end of development in order to give Metroid fans nostalgia boners.
    In short, Super Metroid was a genius game, in which the player could do almost anything he/she wanted as long as they had the skill to back it up. Fusion was made by people who liked metroid for the wrong reasons, and in result was like a crappy fan game. If the game was POKEMON SPACE STATION EXPLORER! and Samus’ sprite was changed to a charizard with an arm cannon and everything else was exactly the same, then it would just be a somewhat enjoyable, decent game (wow, run-on). However the fact that it has to stand up next to an entire series of fantastic groundbreaking games just buries it in the others’ shadow. But hey, at least it’s not Other M.

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