Once more unto the breach…

  • Saved the rachni queen
  • Rescued Ashley Williams on Virmire
  • Chose to sacrifice the Council
  • Saved Maelon’s data
  • Kept Wrex alive on Virmire
  • Chose to rewrite the geth heretics
  • Destroyed the Collector Base
  • Survived the suicide mission with 11 squadmates
  • Romanced Liara before ME2
  • Romanced Jacob in mE2

Welcome back, Penelope Shepard. Now let’s go mass some effects!


(Yes, I have some real posts written that I plan to put up here. But they’re on my laptop and that’s, like, way in the other room.)

6 comments to Once more unto the breach…

  • Which squad mate died? Or did you just miss one?

  • Craze


    At least the final sentence, anyway.

  • Sarcasmorator

    Interesting. You play pretty much full Renegade, right? I think I remember you posting a shot of Penelope with glowing hell scars a while back. And I play a mix of Paragon/Renegade, depending on my reaction to a situation and the dealings I’ve had in the past with recurring characters. But aside from my Shepard being male and romancing Tali in Mass Effect 2, our major plot points are identical.

    • Brickroad

      I’m about an 80/20 split in favor of Renegade, which is causing me some frustration because the games always lock cool scenes behind having a full bar one way or the other. I have no idea how I managed to save Wrex back in the day.

  • Sarcasmorator

    So far that’s not really happening in this one. You have Paragon and Renegade, but they’re just proportions of your overall Reputation bar (which you also earn neutral points for that increase P/R proportionately). I haven’t had any Paragon/Renegade options unavailable to me, as far as I can determine.

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