First Impressions: Diablo III

This game is awesome. It is about punching monsters until they explode into piles of loot. You do that 6,000 times, then you win, then you start over on a harder difficulty. Also one of the characters can summon a giant demon bullfrog that eats bad guys.

It also has the best achievements:

5 comments to First Impressions: Diablo III

  • narcodis

    It’s the best game I’ve played in a really long time.

  • fatmeff

    I wish I could punch the people in town. They always want to talk about stupid things. Just let me get back to punching stuff.

  • Wizard and Monk are the classes I enjoy most.
    Though talking of achievements, I don’t like that you have to get two of each character to 60 to get all the achievements.

    • Craze

      It’s optional, there are a billion different builds, there are two genders/voice actors for each class, you can always have a friend bum rush you through the game…

  • SpoonyBard

    Diablo III is a game where you get an achievement for punching THE DEVIL full in the face.

    That’s all a lot of people need to know, really.

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