So… I guess we’re back?

I woke up today to find my YouTube account had been reinstated. So… happy day? I still don’t know why it was terminated in the first place; YouTube’s e-mail only says something along the lines of “we reviewed your case and it turns out you’re not in violation”. Still, it was good to log in and see this:

So tomorrow we’ll be back to business as usual!

If nothing else, this whole ordeal has been a kick in the pants to evaluate my backup policies. I only had an embarrassingly small amount of video content stored locally, and had to rely on the amazing kindness of strangers to get most of it back. My current project to get my own archives up and running is still a priority over here, so next time this happens I’ll be ready for it.

This does mean there’s no reason to host torrents, though, unless that’s something people really want.

I have spent the last two weeks reading lots of stories like mine. It is still frustrating to me that I don’t know the reason my account was bitch-smacked in the first place. I’m glad to learn that neither LPs nor helpful Kickstarter plugs are against their community guidelines, I suppose, and I understand that I’m using their service for free in a world where nothing is free. I still think they could and should do a better job communicating with their users.

And there really needs to be something between “your account is in good standing” and “your account has been banned and you can never make a new one”. Personally speaking, the hardest part about these past two weeks hasn’t been the inability to upload videos, it’s been losing all my subscriptions and favorites and such. I watch YouTube like most people watch TV. Having to log out of Google and then log into an alt account every time I wanted to watch a video was taking a serious toll on my psyche.

Thanks to everyone who wrote nice notes and who helped get the bulk of my archives back. You are good folks! I’m glad so many good folks enjoy my nonsense.

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