Vlog #006: Wait, how many stitches!?

For once I made a video where I talk about something that might actually matter to someone!

Here are links to the videos I mention in the vlog:
Pastor Steve breaks the law and yells at some cops!
Pastor Steve has eleven stitches!

This guy is a real character. Pastor Steve’s church is one of those insane right-wing extremist dealies, and if you’re particularly fascinated by that kind of thing there is no shortage of sermon videos for you to check out on his YouTube channel such as “Birth Control Pills Cause Silent Abortions”, “Judaism Is the Religion of the Antichrist”, and my personal favorite: “Barack Obama Melting Like A Snail.” Sprinkled intermittantly through the hate speech are videos of him yelling at police officers for doing their jobs.

I understand the idea here is to purposely violate laws you feel are unconstitutional in order to draw attention to yourself as a method of facilitating change. But let’s be honest: this clown is not Martin Luther King Jr. and he is not Gandhi. He’s just some confrontational tit who rails against the system because he craves attention. Well, now that he’s got a head full of glass and his video has made its way to every single news outlet in America, I guess he’s got it.

We don’t have any information about the officers’ side of the alleged beat-down yet, but my guess is that he sustained those injuries while resisting arrest. I really, really hope there is video of him getting tazed. Oh man, that would be like my birthday and Christmas present!

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