Pepsi Throwback is love.

Pepsi just came out with their new flavor: Pepsi Throwback. It’s packaged in retro-looking cans and bottles and is sweetened with real sugar rather than corn syrup. The whole experience is like having a Pepsi back in the ’80s.

Personally I am 100% addicted to Pepsi, and the principle reason I prefer it to Coke is that Pepsi is sweeter whereas Coke is more acidic. Sometimes though it’s like I’ll get a bottle that came from a bad batch, because even my Pepsi will taste too harsh. My first sip of Pepsi Throwback reminded me what Pepsi really used to taste like. It’d been so long since I’ve had “real” Pepsi that I wasn’t even aware I missed it this much.

Even better is Mountain Dew Throwback. Have you seen regular Mountain Dew’s new packaging? It’s not even called Mountain Dew anymore. It’s Mtn Dew. I don’t know how to pronounce it. Mitten Dew? Mutton Dew? It’s not an abbreviation for anything; abbreviations end with periods, and there clearly isn’t one in Mtn Dew. Even if it were an abbreviation it wouldn’t make any sense, because if it’s referring to a mountain called Dew you would say “Mount Dew” and the abbreviation would be Mt. If it’s instead referring to dew from a mountain, you couldn’t abbreviate it at all without looking foolish.

Throwback fixes that problem by using the oldschool logo design. Mountain Dew, in big bright green and red letters. Hell yeah, brother. The taste is amazing as well; it’s at least twice as much of an improvement over regular Mtn Dew as Pepsi Throwback is over regular Pepsi.

I’ve been told by friends around the country that they haven’t been able to find any of the Throwback products, which makes me nervous. Is Throwback only being released in some regions for testing purposes? If so, I hope it catches on and goes nationwide soon. History tells us a soda company can’t just replace its existing formula with a better one (which is retarded, since Throwback is the original and what passes for “original” is the corn syrup impostor), so they have to sell Throwback alongside the original if they want to keep selling it.

I’m going to buy as much as I can as often as I can in an effort to do my part to get Throwback to stick. I’m expecting it’ll go the way of Pepsi Twist and Pepsi Lime and Pepsi Vanilla, all flavors I personally loved. I drank far more than my fair share of all of those, to no avail. Here’s hoping.

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