The original Scibbe.

Nobody calls me “Scibbe”, even though that’s my name. I don’t run in any social circles where people call each other by their last names. My brother used to, though, so one thing lead to another and he became “Scibbe” while I became “Scibbe’s older brother”. Confusing the issue further, our poor mother became “Mama Skib” despite Scibbe not even being her name anymore.

So if you know me already, you likely know me by “Ricky” or “Brickroad”, both of which are still fine. I wouldn’t complain if you wanted to call me “Captain” either, although I’m not sure why you would. Feel free, though.

Anyway, is already taken by some pottery guy and points to some other website that plays music at you. But is pretty unique and easy-to-remember, so I’ll go with that. Welcome to I’ve got all kinds of stuff I want to put up here, old stuff and new stuff, writing stuff and video game stuff and random bloggy stuff. We’ll get to all of that in time, I’m sure.

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