Naked, skinless dead people.

Here’s the post I typed up Monday but got eaten by the server. When originally typed it was the most glorious thing ever written by man. Lost forever to the deepest annals of the internet, I can sorrowfully only present it in this shabby, re-written shadow of its former self. I offer my regrets.

In my never-ending effort to learn as much as possible about zombiekind, I went into Tampa over the weekend to check out the Body Worlds exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry. The exhibit displays real human cadavers in various states of dissection from individual organs laid out  in glass cases to full bodies posed in the midst of various activities.

Exhibits like Body Worlds are educational because they break the human body down and detail it as a machine, showing the various parts and how they work together, and also how they can break down. It was pretty impactful watching my parents light up their cigarettes after they had just seen an actual tar-filled lung twenty minutes before.

I saw one of Body Worlds’s knock-offs a few years ago, an exhibit simply called “Bodies”. Bodies was very hotly protested for everything from the grey-legal methods the exhibit got hold of its cadavery to objectifying the dead in such a blatant way. I’m sure someone out there also took issues with all the boobies and weiners on display. Body Worlds isn’t nearly as controversial for some reason. I wonder if everyone just got tired of that particular cause and moved on to something else. One of the displays showed some actual paperwork filled out by a willing body donor, which I found to be interesting. I wonder if he was the guy on the skis or the one triumphantly holding his guts above his head.

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