Doin’ it daily.

Every time I start a new blog or website, I tell myself I’m going to stick to a schedule. Of course I never actually do that; I mean here I am at quarter of eight and I haven’t yet put up the blog post I’ve been telling myself all day I should do. And even after I got around to writing it, it’s not like it’s actually about anything. It’s just here so I can say I put something here. That’s hardly ideal.

This isn’t a big mystery. The reason I don’t update daily is due only to sheer laziness. Oh, I try to convince myself it’s any number of other things. For example, I might wake up at 4pm on a Sunday, watch cartoons for an hour, eat a bowl of cereal, and then play nine hours of Rock Band before thinking “No point blogging about anything today, I didn’t actually do anything worth blogging about.” This of course is just a cop-out; I could post a review of the cartoons I watched or come up with some interesting flash fiction involving Tony the Tiger… and god knows I can ramble on about Rock Band for pages and page. And even if I couldn’t, no doubt something interesting happened somewhere in the world that is worthy of my commentary.

Failing all that, I could just post “I did absolutely nothing today. Here are five limericks I wrote to help fill space on my blog.”

I’m not sure I’m trying to make a point here, but if I were it would be something like: if I don’t put anything online on this day or that it’s because I was too “busy” re-watching all the Zero Punctuation reviews or fixing grammatical errors on the MS Paint Adventures Wiki to come up with a few limericks.

The upside is that I’ve already got a huge boatload of content already written over the course of the past several years in the form of anime reviews and WoW ramblings that just need a bit of cleaning up before they’re ready to be posted in that “so old it’s new again” sense of things. I’ve got that going for me.

Of course now I’m back in that same trap. I’ve told myself that I’m going to straddle my days; blog post one day, old content the next, and that way I’d be able to put something up every single day. Except you and I both know that isn’t going to happen. Laziness isn’t a virtue, but if it were I’d be a saint.

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