The Almost-Perfect Save: An Ill-Advised Final Fantasy Catastrophe

I recently started leaning hard into streaming again. I have to make it a habit again or I’m afraid I’ll just fall off the Internet forever.

I decided to embark on a probably year-long journey to get as close to a perfect save as reasonably possible, with maxed-out mostly-everything, in as many Final Fantasy games as I could stomach. Quick back-of-envelope calculations have this project somewhere in the ballpark of 1600 hours.

I set up a special page on this blog to track my progress. You can find that here:

Please drop by the live streams if you get a chance, or check out the archives on my YouTube channel, which I will try to keep organized by game. (I should also probably plan to keep the story completion playlists separate from the long naked grinding sessions. We’ll see how well I do on that front, I guess!)

I should be at this for quite a while. Lots to get through!

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