A return to normalcy.

Girlfriend’s sister has gone back home and the wedding that ate most of my weekend is now behind us, so things can return to being not quite so crazy around here. For instance, I’ll be doing my dishes for probably the first time in a week right after I finish writing this post.

So I have some buds that work in the video game industry, and sometimes one of them will make a comment about why it sucks to write a game review. This never made much sense to me; I mean, dude, you play a game and then BS your way through twelve paragraphs and a score. Sounds like a sweet gig to me! At least, that’s how I’ve always done it when I’ve reviewed games for the various RM communities.

Well, without getting too much into the specifics of it, I know what they’re talking about now. I’m putting a couple hours a day into a really, really good game I’ve been asked to review. A game I’ve played many times. A game I often hold up as the pinnacle of “that type of game”. A game that I’ve been meaning to replay anyway. And it’s turning out to be a chore, because I’m not playing it for fun.

Someone once said that recreation is that which, if you were being paid to do it, would be work. How true that is. I hope I never have to review Super Metroid or Final Fantasy IV, my world might come crumbling down around me.

Oh yeah: Girlfriend and I have officially started planning our wedding. We’ve got two years to make it happen. Well, so much for normalcy.

Update (8:10 pm): I ended up not doing my dishes, and I got yelled at. So I guess it’s normalcy after all!

5 comments to A return to normalcy.

  • blitzchamp

    I feel the same way about blogging. I do it normally for fun but when I got hired to do blogs, it was 100% less fun for the reason that it became work.

  • Sarcasmorator

    Two years is way more than enough time.

  • Fun fact: I remember before saying you would only marry her if she beat an arbitrary amount of Final Fantasy games. I will only assume she beat the prerequisite, including spending at least 50 hours in Final Fantasy XI. If not you have become a sissy. What’s next? Kid?

  • fanboymaster

    In Tom Sawyer, Twain remarks something to the effect that if (after the famous white-washing the fence scene) Tom had been a more thoughtful person, he might have realized by this example that “work is anything a body is obliged to do, and recreation is anything a body is not obliged to do”.

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