Some new RMN articles.

I’ve had less time to work on my blog lately because of all the time I’ve been sinking into articles for RMN. So instead of an update today you get a cop-out with four links to recent articles I’ve written over there!

Information Absorption – A look at how information is conveyed in video games and RPGs specifically.

Philosophy of Treasure Distribution – Examining why players like rewards in RPGs and looking at some ways of making those rewards both useful and memorable.

Review: Quintessence – The Blighted Venom – A review of a very, very pretty RPGMaker XP game that has almost no gameplay.

Review: Visions & Voices – An RPGMaker VX game that the creators rushed in order to meet their three-week deadline.

Actually it’ll probabaly take you so long to read all that that I don’t think this post is a cop-out after all. This is QUALITY CONTENT here, folks!

2 comments to Some new RMN articles.

  • Except you’re forcing me to go to other websites to get it… I already had to click once to get here! I don’t know how much more my finger can take…

  • fanboymaster

    Great articles, I aspire to design games myself and have dabbled with game design tools before, but those articles on how the player is lead and treasure distribution were excellent. The reviews were great too. Keep up the great work.

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