Another Cop-out: New RMN Articles

I’ll probably be doing posts like this one from time to time, though honestly I don’t feel like it’s a cop-out. It’s just that the time I’d usually spend working on this blog are now being spent writing RMN articles. I’m really proud of how they come out most of the time and I think the gameplay articles (if not the reviews) are interesting reads even for people who don’t follow the RPGMaker scene.

Article: Elevation Made Easy – A look at how depth and elevation can make RPG maps more interesting, and then a tutorial with how to create the effect using RM2k/3.

Review: Notes on the Second Mellynd War – A game with good writing and a very well-realized political setting, but cruddy graphics and not very much gameplay. I’m usually not a gung-ho story-readin’ type gamer these days, but this one intrigued me enough that I’d like to go back to it sometime. (And seriously: great title!)

Review: Lexico – A puzzle game where a tiny spaceman has to decipher a vast collection of alien glyphs in order to navigate a mysterious hippie-filled space factory.


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