Vlog called on account of rain!

Not entirely rain, of course. If I’d been non-lazy and shot it this morning instead of sleeping in I’d have been fine. But it’s been thundering most of the afternoon so… yeah, I’ll do it tomorrow.

I’m kind of weirded out by how much thunder bothers me these days. I once fried an ethernet card by using a computer through an electrical storm, but that was before I knew what a surge protector was. Now I have a good one and would probably be fine when there are little rumbles going on, but the first one I hear causes my butthole to clench and sends me running for the Start button.

Maybe it’s because for years I had two computers: my desktop and my laptop. If one got explodied because of lightning, I had a fallback. I never did anything more strenuous than IRC/RPGMaker/web browsing anyway, so while it woudl have sucked it would have been manageable. Now that I’m doing all this video stuff, though, my lappy ain’t gonna cut it. If the one computer I have that’s capable of recording and editing video craps out, I’m just sunk.

So I’ll shoot the vlog tonight and post it on YouTube tomorrow, and it’ll go live here tomorrow afternoon. Hooray!

In other news, I had a pleasurable experience at GameStop yesterday. The first in what seems like years. I’m pretty vocal in my disdain for the store for a variety of reasons, but when I’m desperate for a new game and the budgie is tight there aren’t a lot of other options. (Except for XBLA and WiiWare and PSN and Kongregate and legions of emulators and no that isn’t the point shut up.)

First, I picked up Dark Spire new for $10. This is an oldschool dungeon hack that has a gods-honest oldschool mode; wireframe graphics and 8-bit sound. It’s heavenly. Gameplay is a throwback to the old Wizardry or Ultima games, which I admit I was too young to truly appreciate all those years ago. I loved Etrian Odyssey, though, and this is essentially a bare-bones version of that. When I stepped up to a door and it refused to let me pass until I answered its silly riddle, I grinned. People are telling me its charm wears thin pretty quick but, hey, ten bucks. Plus it came with a soundtrack CD and, get this, the soundtrack is actually worth listening to. Good stuff.

Secondly, I picked up a used copy of BioShock for $17. Except there’s no way this is a used copy. The box is in pristine condition, the manual has never been removed from the inside clips (the original tech support insert is still there, even). It even has that new game smell. I’ve been told that GameStop sometimes just puts new games on the used shelf as a way of clearing overstock, but I prefer to think some stockboy didn’t know what he was doing. Incompetence works in my favor for a change!

The guy still asked me three times if I wanted to pre-order anything, so I still kind of want to burn the place down, but hey. I gots to give credit where it’s due.

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