This blog post might get me fired.

Actually it’s been carefully constructed to ensure that I won’t. So let’s talk about that a bit.

The peemeister gig was pretty good from a content standpoint, since it was a kind of quirky job virtually everyone loathes but virtually no one knows anything about. As an added bonus my bosses were actually cool with me sharing my experiences on the Internet, as long as I never reveal the company name. Which I never did.

This new job, though, is mainly phone work, so any experience worth blogging about is going to boil down to something like “this caller was rude and/or clueless and/or ignorant! let us laugh at him/her/it!” I think we’re probably full up on those already, but I can think of at least two more good reasons to not kick-start the ol’ work blog again.

First, I’ve been informed that our company is one of two or three who provide this particular service, which means it would be a lot easier for Internet sleuths to pinpoint my place of business and a lot easier for my bosses to discover the blog (if, say, they systematically do Google searches for “our service here”). These new bosses are probably not cool with the idea of one of their employees griping to an online audience, and is probably best avoided.

Second, the phone work is going to come to an end after my training schedule is up, after which I’ll be working nights busying myself with menial office tasks. There’s just no material there.

Speaking of which, I was supposed to have finished up my training last week, but have been informed that it might have been extended three or four more weeks. This makes no sense to me; why hire a new employee and spend over a month training him on a job he’s not going to be doing anyway? Anyway, it means I’m stuck on this 9-to-5 schedule longer than I anticipated, so I’m rethinking this vlog haitus thing. I figured that would give me a week or two to settle into my new routine, but now that I’m hearing my new routine is maybe another month off I kind of don’t want to leave it sitting on the shelf that long. I’m just… not sure what I want to do with it yet.

2 comments to This blog post might get me fired.

  • SPennLUE

    I just found this site the other day and now you’re telling me it’s going away? You make me sad.

    Are you going to keep the archives up?

    • Brickroad

      The site’s not going anywhere, and I’m going to try to keep up my daily schedule as long as my fingers are still connected to my hands. There’s just not much room to talk about this new job I have, is all.

      On the plus side, Survivor starts up this week, so you have a few months of that to look forward to!

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