Time to get a DSi! …and some other stuff.


– My good buddy Dan has started up a new blog. My best guess is thatit’s going to be primarily of the “ridiculous nonsense” variety, which is more or less my favorite type of blog. I think he’s going to take a crack at daily updates, and I hope he’s at least as successful at it as I have been. (And keep in mind I’m defining “success” here as “updates every day”, not necessarily “updates with something meaningful every day”.)

– I heard yet another story about my future schedule at this new job. It’s crazy that I’m having such a hard time finding a few hours of free time to make a vlog. During the week is right out because of the 9-to-5 schedule I’m working. Saturdays are bad because Friday nights are D&D nights, which mean I typically drop exhausted into bed about 6am Saturday morning and don’t wake up until very late in the afternoon. Sundays are bad because that’s the one day Peanut and I have off together. Saturday evenings might be a good candidate but that’s currently when I’m getting a large portion of my vidja gaming done. I really need a day of the week where I can wake up in the morning and have the house to myself for at least a couple hours, free from distraction or prior engagements. I’ve, ah, complained and ranted about this topic enough I think. I’ll shut up about it now.

– Survivor: Samoa starts on Thursday, which means I’ll be offering the play-by-play here. If you love Survivor this news probably pleases you (and don’t forget to check out all the Survivor: Tocantins posts in the archives). If you hate Survivor, well, neener neener etc. If you’ve never watched it, maybe set your DVR this week and see if it’s your thing. I typically can’t stand reality TV but Survivor has such a strong sense of game-ness to it that I find it irresistable.

– Here’s a picture of some cute genie girl walking through a goblin-infested forest:

This is, of course, a screenshot from the new Shantae game coming out on DSi. Which means, uh, I have to now get a DSi. Heh heh.

I bought the original Shantae after about eight seconds of prodding from a friend of mine. I don’t believe I needed any convincing beyond “half-naked genie girl whips bad guys with her purple hair”.  The game is a bit rough around the edges, but not in that bad, unplayable way that turns you off a game. It’s more in that quirky, labor-of-love way like Mega Man 2 or Cave Story. I did my part to raise Shantae awareness by doing a way-too-long Let’s Play of it over on the YouTubes (warning: 59 parts!), and I’m expecting to get a lot of “did u here about the dsi sequel for dsi??” comments in the upcoming weeks.

Of course, I can’t actually afford a DSi anytime in the near future; I’m putting it at the top of my Christmas list. Along with a really good electric shaver. Which brings me to my last point:

– I really really can’t stand shaving. It is the worst thing ever. The only thing worse is the terrible sensation of having stubble on my face. Hey, stubble: either grow or don’t grow. Make up your damn mind!

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