Peanut took her brother to a Blink 182 concert last night and, upon returning, reported a massive 20+ car pile-up on the Howard Frankland bridge. Her theory was the pile-up was caused by a combination of wet conditions and inebriated drivers fresh off yesterday’s Bucs game. I figured I could make a good update out of a hilarious shot of traffic backed up across the bridge, so I clicked over onto a local news site to find one.

Well, I got side-tracked by said local news site’s “Weird News” section. I never realized just how many people lived in my general vicinity who would leave me no recourse but to slap my head and groan. For example, this lady who tried to sell her kid for gas money.

I… don’t really know what to say to that. It’s like, my brain read the story, and processed the information, and has decided the best thing to do about it is just say “oh,” and leave it at that. What else could it really do? Try to calculate the actual going rate for a 6-year-old on today’s market and then use that information to develop a formula for how much gas the woman could have purchased and therefore how far she could have traveled? Please. My brain has better things to do with its time.

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