Three completely unrelated things.

Completely unrelated thing the first: my dining room table is lousy with candy dishes right now. Peanut has decided that we’re going to have a candy bar at our wedding reception instead of a salad bar, and went antiquing over the weekend to amass a small army of old-timey looking candy dishes. I have no idea where these candy dishes are going to live for the next eighteen months, but I doubt in the end it will matter. Odds are this whole “candy bar” decision will re-invent itself long before then. I’ll be eating cereal out of them by next summer, guaranteed.

Completely unrelated thing the second: my work schedule has been finalized with 99.9% certainty. After a week of transition I’ll be moving to my long-awaited night shift schedule, leaving my weekdays wide open for… well, sleeping of course, but also all those noisy-ish projects I just can’t get away with at night. Like shooting videos and recording LPs.

Completely unrelated thing the third: I’m now officially paying $15 a month for the privilege of watching this season of Dexter. I’ll also probably be picking up the DVDs when they come out, which will be another $24 on top of that. I’ve already used up my daily allotment of simple math skills by playing Professor Layton all evening, but I’m pretty sure my Dexter budget for this year comes to about $56,000. Fortunately it looks to be worth every penny!

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  • RT-55J

    I can definitely relate to the first thing. My brother is getting married (to a fabulously nerdy girl), but it seems like they can’t come to a decision on any aspect of their wedding reception. Seriously, I can think of a dozen different suggestions for cake toppers they’ve thrown around (Crono & Marle, Firefly characters, dinosaurs, Charizard [M] & Pikachu [F], etc), but then the suggestion was thrown out to do something other than a cake.


    Wedding planning is an exercise in madness, I tell ya.

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