So not the drama.

I don’t know what terrible thing I did to Peanut to make her want to leave me for the next ten days, but apparently I’m on my own. Here’s hoping she doesn’t return to find me a starving, gibbering mess.

So scientists have done this super-cool thing where they rammed something big, heavy and solid into the moon in search of water ice. This is pretty exciting stuff, but all anyone seems to be reporting on is how boring the public found the crash. You know what, public? Shut up. Nobody complains about how tiresome it is to watch you grill burgers or balance expense reports, but every time NASA does something that doesn’t involve aliens or giant explosions everyone whines about how uninteresting outer space is.

To be clear here, NASA is trying to figure out whether or not the moon has water on it, a question which has more potential implications for the future of space exploration than, oh, pretty much anything ever. The moon has been in the sky as long as anyone can remember, and here we are on the brink of learning something about it nobody has ever known before. So sorry that plan didn’t involve blowing it half to hell in a spectacular light show.

I wonder if the people who complain that science is too boring are the same people who complain about how Mythbusters isn’t real science.

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