Happy Wheels!

I feel like I could do a whole blog post about Happy Wheels. There is definitely a cool little game-slash-physics engine in there, but it is consistently ignored in favor of inescapable death traps and Justin Beiber murder simulators. To wit: I recorded about an hours’ worth of game, and only saw one or two […]

Legacy of the Wizard: The Route

Warning! This post won’t make any sense if you don’t know Legacy of the Wizard by heart. Which means, like, 99.9% of you. Maybe bookmark the page, revisit it after I’ve recorded and upload the LP, and then it will make sense to you? I dunno. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I got a few interesting […]

Three Unrelated-Except-They-Are-All-About-Video-Games Things

Vidjagame Thing the First: You may or may not be interested in the new Let’s Play series: Chocobo Racing. (But if you’re not interested, it’s probably because you hate fun.)

Vidjagame Thing the Second: I want a version of Happy Wheels that isn’t so overrun with 13-year-olds executing basement torture fantasies. The cheap thrill of […]

Not pony tales or cotton tales, but…

WARNING: There will be singing before this LP is done. Enter at your own risk.

Before recording an LP, I always like to do a test play first. The primary reason for this is to make sure my recording and volume levels are good; nothing quite like recording a three-hour game only to find […]

A Lugae For All Seasons

Let’s Play Final Fantasy II is updated.

This update raises a somewhat difficult question: what, exactly does Dr. Lugae’s face look like? Reader Alex Scott has cooked up four possible interpretations:

Dr. Lugae is a man of many talents… and many faces.


I’ll Final YOUR Fantasy (II)


Chapter 8: Zot

This marks something like the halfway-ish point, at least as far as updates are concerned. With any luck I’ll have this thing in the can by Christmas.

Let’s play Ragnarland Fun Adventure!

By the time the night is out, that playlist should contain the full set of DW4 Chapter One videos. It’s about an hour and it’s mostly text crawling across a black screen. Enjoy!

The reason I uploaded this set at all was to showcase how badly RPGs adapted to the video LP format, but […]

Let’s play FF2! Still!

I realize I’m averaging like 14 months between updates, but I’m a-still chuggin’ along.

Chapter the Seventh: Beautiful Toroia

I got yelled at last time I did this.

Here is the completed Let’s Play Willow series:

And here is the new series I began uploading last night. It is not a real Let’s Play; it is basically just me proving a silly point.



There were a few video games before this one, but they weren’t worth playing:

Not sure why I suddenly got the hankerin’ to play Adventure, but I’m pleased I did.