When will I vote Republican? (and also ponies)

I try to leave politics off the ol’ blog. I sort of assume you dudes would rather read about NetHack ascensions and broken Xboxes than listen to me bitch and/or gloat about elections. But seeing as how we just had a big one, and seeing as how my guy won, I feel like I should […]

Campaign Stickers

I can think lots of good reasons to not put a campaign sticker on your bumper during election season. Here are the two biggies, though, both related to how difficult it is to get a bumper sticker off your car once it’s been applied:

If your guy loses, you’re stuck with his sticker on your […]

Uncle Sam is My Homeboy

Science proves that voting is way more awesome if you do it after a couple days without shaving. Peach fuzz is patriotic and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

I voted, and it was awesome, and if you haven’t I am better than you. If you are reading this and it’s still before […]

Three Things So Unrelated It’s Practically Racist

Unrelated Thing #1: I didn’t attend the Rally for Sanity. I would have, if I were within anything-distance of D.C., but as it is I just had to stay home and catch the highlights on Comedy Central and YouTube. Here’s the crowning moment:

That’s got to be the most important political speeches given in […]

An ounce of prevention…

It occurs to me that BP is no longer in the business of finding, refining, and selling oil. It seems like now its entire corporate philosophy involves conducting emergency public relations work on its own self-image.

I keep hearing this commercial on the radio set to sad, lilting music where some important BP so-and-so explains […]

…and over, and over, and over.

Sometimes you just want to bang your head against a desk over, and over, and over, and over…

Don’t taze me bro!

Stories like this one are why I’m very, very hesitant to ever buy into tales of police brutality.

Summary: police officer pulls over a car with no license plate. Driver has a warrant out. Officer calls for backup. Driver shoots and kills them both.

There is a huge stigma attached to police officers, especially among […]

Erf Day

Earth Day is not a real holiday, though I lack the energy to rant and rave about that right now. Long story short: I’m not an environmentalist, and in fact environmentalists tend to completely exasperate me. This is a group of who will collect recyclables one day, then sign a petition to prevent a nuclear […]

If you aren’t Christian, you aren’t American.

I think the point of this clown’s speech is that you aren’t really an American unless you believe in the Christian god. The sentiment is nothing new. I’ll say this, though, Congressman Clownpants: I may not be a Christian, and therefore not an American, but I can recite the Pledge of Allegiance without flubbing […]

The nature of extraordinary evidence.

Looking a little more into this Major Stefan Frederick Cook character and the conspiracy theory behind his cowardice has led me down a very deep, very stupid rabbit hole. It’s not that people are picking on the man I voted for in November. It’s not the inherent bigotry in the disbelief that a black man […]