I quit vlogging a long time ago for pretty stupid reasons. The old flip camera I used to use had problems with constantly corrupting the video it shot, and the new one I bought to replace it seemed exhausting to learn to use properly. The vlogs were a fun experiment, but they were consistently less […]

Iron Man 2

Just got back from seeing Iron Man 2. It was very different in a lot of ways from the typical superhero sequel, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Something tells me my views on this movie are going to be shaped by what it actually ends up being; it’s either the next […]

Vlog 036: Ages 5 and up!

Vlog 035: New technologies confound and alarm me.

Vlog 034: Obsessions!

Vlog 033: Self-taught

Part of this whole “new camera” deal is that the movie files it produces are much larger than those of the old camera, and therefore take a lot longer to upload. So if you’re reading this post at any reasonable hour on the 15th that’s why you’re seeing a dead video right here:

Of […]

Vlog 032: Gnomes really are pretty super fantastic.

Today’s vlog is coming!

I got a new video camera for Christmas, but the video-editing software I’ve been using all year doesn’t recognize the file format the new camera shoots in. I’m going to get it sorted out as soon as I can, but it means I’ll be quite late getting it up.

(Heh, heh… he said “getting it […]

Vlog 030: Holiday Traditions

Did I really use the phrase “unloading his gerkins” in this video?

Vlog 029: Brimming over with holiday cheer!

If for some reason you feel the need to plan your shopping around what greeting a store uses when you walk in the door, standforchristmas.com has you covered.