The Physical Act of Reading

I’ve been devouring the printed word on my Kindle ever since I got it last week (why yes, I did spend $180 so I could get my hands on Dance with Dragons nine hours early… why do you ask?). I’ve always loved reading, but the truth is I’ve never been that big of a reader, […]

Thoughts on Dance

Having just completed A Dance with Dragons, the only thing my brain wants to do is spill a long, rambling blog post about it. So that’s what I’m going to do. I think I can say what I need to say without SPOILERZ, but please forgive me if two or three slip out.

On the […]

I’m Dancing

I think it goes without saying that I’ve invested every waking moment today in A Dance with Dragons. Plus, in an effort to maximize the number of waking moments I seem to have somehow only gotten a couple hours of sleep. Work tonight is going to be a bear.

I spent the first couple hours […]

Time to Dance (with a grain of salt)

If George R. R. Martin’s publisher is to be believed, A Dance With Dragons will finally be released on July 12. Suffice it to say, I’ll be skeptical right up until I’m holding the book in my very own moist, jittering hands.

This raises an interesting question about the HBO series, though: if it takes […]