The Legend of Korra – The Finale, and Thoughts on Worldbuilding

This post contains spoilers for the season one finale of The Legend of Korra.

Back when The Legend of Korra first aired, I wrote up a post that served to give my first impressions of the series, and to give a decent encapsulation of my thoguhts on The Last Airbender, which I’d just finished watching. […]

The Five Eras of Disney Movies

Though I’ve worked my way through all the cartoons I bought myself for Christmas, I find my appetite for animated bliss is unsated. So I’ve decided to go back and re-watch all of my Disney movies, and to make an effort to complete my collection. Until last week I didn’t own copies of Hercules or […]

A Study of the Eight Virtues (by way of ponies)

I’m not surprised that I ended up enjoying My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I went into it expecting a charming, adorable, and occassionally funny kid’s cartoon. What I Was not expecting is that the show is probably the best cartoon to hit the air in ten years. (No, seriously, ten years. That’s how long […]