Chemists – Chapter Three

Man, I can think of two things Marquis Elmdore can suck — and they’re both in my scrotum. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Chapter Three immediately caused me to revise my previous opinion re: “Chemists are broken, man.” Within the first few fights it was more like, “Oh my dear god what have I […]

Chemists – Chapter Two

Going into this challenge I had hoped I could get four nice, long blog posts out of it. Unfortunately, Chapter Two was so easy there’s just not much to tell.

The first few fights were just a matter of letting Agrias and Gaffgarion run around slapping everything to death with their magic swords. There is […]


First I decided to replay Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, because hey, why not?

Then I decided to try a challenge run, because my previous playthrough left me with a great respect for the game, and I was confident I was better equipped to solve my way through it.

Then I decided to […]