Why D&D 5e is Awesome — An Example (The Paladin)

It would take pages and pages of text to share my thoughts on the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons. In short: I’m a fan. I love the books, I love the new systems, I love the new takes on old systems. I’m a gushing starry-eyed fanboy, despite what this old blog post about it […]

My Ideal 5e

Wizards of the Coast has stated that the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons will appeal to fans of all four previous editions. I am of the opinion that this claim is absolutely ridiculous on its face. The shift from second edition to third was so violent that my gaming group rejected it for several […]

From the Journal of a Man of No Importance

My duties were much the same as any day; put a few coppers into the hands of the corpse collectors, then return to the Mortuary and see to the organization and internment of today’s batch of Dead. But that is not where the day carried me.

I had just finished making payment of six coppers, […]