A Lugae For All Seasons

Let’s Play Final Fantasy II is updated.

This update raises a somewhat difficult question: what, exactly does Dr. Lugae’s face look like? Reader Alex Scott has cooked up four possible interpretations:

Dr. Lugae is a man of many talents… and many faces.


I’ll Final YOUR Fantasy (II)


Chapter 8: Zot

This marks something like the halfway-ish point, at least as far as updates are concerned. With any luck I’ll have this thing in the can by Christmas.

Let’s play FF2! Still!

I realize I’m averaging like 14 months between updates, but I’m a-still chuggin’ along.

Chapter the Seventh: Beautiful Toroia

LPFF2: We Have an Airship Now!

Hey yeah wow this crazy LP is back! Finally! Again!

Here’s the approximate forum page for this update. Don’t forget to flip back through the ten or so pages of glorious Photoshops preceding it!

The Mt. Ordeals Gallery

I was supposed to post these along with yesterday’s LPFF2 update, but I completely forgot (because I am fat and dumb). So here they are!

This is the kind of thing that happens when you leave a popular LP go too long without uploading. […]

LPFF2 6: The Return to Baron

Here’s part six of Let’s Play Final Fantasy II. You barely have to scroll down at all!

I feel bad about today.

But I only have two minutes to update, and all I have laying around is this kickass picture of Mt. Ordeals:

Everything is better with lens flare, I’m sure you’ll agree.

See you tomorrow!

Chuck is my new favorite show!

I’m not actually going to start watching it, of course. That would just be silly.

Let’s Play FF2: Chapter 5: The Village of Magic

Here’s a link to the thing! You’ll have to scroll down a ways, past Homestar Runner and Mickey Mouse.

Here’s a taste of the wonderment you are about to receive: