How to get the Zodiac Spear (in fifteen easy steps!)

Look up on GameFAQs which arbitrarily-placed treasures to avoid. Play Final Fantasy XII for about 30 hours. Figure out enough of the medicine-hunting sidequest in the Estersand to get across the river and into Mosphoran Highwaste. Kill King Bomb. (This is the easy part!) Run through like nine maps’ worth of unkillable monsters who […]

FF12’s Awesome Cast: The Kids

Among the harshest criticisms lobbed at Final Fantasy XII is the alleged “pointlessness” of Vaan and Penelo. The argument goes that a pair of common street urchins don’t have much place in a story about high magicks, the clashing of gods and men, twisted political machinations and displaced princesses. There is, in fact, quite a […]


Sony finally got their act together and re-launched PSN, so I was able to log in and push the magic button I needed to push in order to gain access to Portal 2 on my PC. That’s good! Now I just need to figure out which of the dozen or so PS3 refugees I’m going […]

Brickroad Attends Nerd Concert, Film at 11

The site downtime problem should hopefully be fixed now, or at least fixed-ish, which brings my short impromptu hiatus to a close. Let the daily updates resume! (Or, at least, daily-ish.)

While the site was wobbing in and out of consciousness a few people flagged me down to ask if I had raised holy hell […]

LPFF2 6: The Return to Baron

Here’s part six of Let’s Play Final Fantasy II. You barely have to scroll down at all!

Three Final Fantasy Games They Should Remake Before VI and VII

Now that we’re all on the cusp of buying yet another remake of Final Fantasy IV, I’m settling in for another round of somewhat frustrated jokes to the effect of, “Why FF4, again? Why not FF6 or FF7?” Because let’s face it — those are the ones everyone wants to see remade. We’ve all seen […]

Three Extremely Related Things

These three things are so related they will blow your socks off. If you’re not wearing socks, please put some on.

Related Thing the First: Did you know some Dissidia characters have Bravery attacks that lead directly into HP attacks? Because I sure didn’t! Both Cloud and Terra managed to learn one of these during […]

Dissidia 012: New Characters

Having completed the main story mode of Dissidia 012, I have OPINIONS (opinions!) about the six new non-secret characters.


I can’t wrap my head around multiple-stance characters in fighting games, which is especially troublesome here, since I can barely wrap my head around Dissidia as it is. Lightning’s gimmick is that she can […]

Best Mafia Ever

We just finished playing a NetHack-themed Mafia game. It was the best game I’ve ever played. It’s the game I’d been training for my entire Mafia career. Here’s the thread.

I guess it’s back to regular games now. Why is it that my least favorite FF characters are the most fun to play as in […]