This is the last time I’ll probably ever need to post about Lost.

My main reaction to the ending of Lost was, “Wow! What a great ending!” This is pretty high praise considering I avoided the series for so long because I was in no way convinced the writers were building to anything worthwhile. Some fans of the show have tried to sell me on the idea that […]

The most amazing scream ever.

Warning: Lost spoilers ahead!

Of course, the guy I was putting those spoiler tags in for has gone on and finished watching the series without me, leaving me a cold, naked husk stranded back at the beginning of season five. Thanks a lot, you horrible monster!

I’m convinced that, during the casting for this program, […]

Why Heroes Failed

One of the most striking revelations I keep having, as I move forward through Lost, is just how much Heroes wanted to be this show when it was on the air. Being pretty familiar with the first two seasons of Heroes, it’s hard to shake the sensation that they were the little kids on the […]

These spammers are getting harder to please.

I went ahead and turned comment moderation off when I realized that I hadn’t had to manually trash a spam comment for at least a couple months. Apparently my spam-detection plug-in is pretty savvy! That got me to thinking, though, about whether there were any “false positives” sitting around in the ol’ spam folder. I […]