Mega Man X is Really Hard to Fix

Mega Man fanboys and fangirls the world over have only just sloppily consumed Mega Man 11, we’re already screaming out for seconds. Except instead of Mega Man 12, the sequel we’re all crying out for is Mega Man X9. The formula seems easy enough: give us a Mega Man X sequel using MM11‘s engine, polish […]

Mega Man 11

Mega Man 11 is a pretty excellent game, and I enjoy it muchly. But that’s actually a pretty loaded statement that’s gonna take at least one entire blog post to unpack. I’ll try to get the summary out of the way first before I get in my Guts Dozer and deep-dive.

If you like classic […]

Let’s play Mega Man Powered Up — Complete

This was a fun series! It’s ten minutes shy of three hours, and contains four videos over twenty minutes in length. It has very roughly equal parts “Wow, Brick is good at this!” and “Wow, Brick is a gibbering monkey-man who is probably holding the controller upside-down!” Both of these things seem to entertain people, […]