So do I hate Mega Man 10?

With my LP series ending on such a sour note, a lot of people have asked me if I ended up hating Mega Man 10. The answer is tricky. On its face, I don’t like the game as it presents itself in Normal Mode, and as played by Mega Man. There are a lot of […]

Let’s play Mega Man 10

First thing’s first, here’s the completed four hour playlist:

And here’s a shot of tonight’s dinner:

Homemade ramen, bitches!

Don’t worry, someone already made fun of me for eating my noodles with a fork. They were all, “What’s the matter, Brickroad? Don’t know how to use chopsticks?”

And I was all, “Why […]

Time to Dance (with a grain of salt)

If George R. R. Martin’s publisher is to be believed, A Dance With Dragons will finally be released on July 12. Suffice it to say, I’ll be skeptical right up until I’m holding the book in my very own moist, jittering hands.

This raises an interesting question about the HBO series, though: if it takes […]